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"We have a long partnership with our current core system but have grown significantly since that time and know we need a new system that will provide us with endless possibilities for growth. The decision to switch to Sharetec will allow us to streamline a number of manual processes that slow down the staff as well as offer new services to members we currently do not have available. When combined with the Sharetec pricing and Return on Investment tools, it became clear that Sharetec is a natural fit for our credit union."

Don at Memorial Health Credit Union

"During a planning session, we decided to migrate our Sharetec services from an in house server to the Service Bureau service. With any conversions that are done there is a certain sense of uncertainty of the unknown along with potential disruptions to serving our members. The team at Sharetec had us well prepared and I am happy to say that we seamlessly converted with no issues to the Service Bureau. Hats off to their team on making this conversion a positive experience for our credit union."

Bonnie at United Savings Credit Union

"Working with us through our internet change, Sharetec's hardware team, specifically James, was on top of the task and always checked back with us every step of the way. I couldn't have asked for better support. If they didn’t hear back from me within a certain amount of time, they would call me to check on the process instead of just waiting for my response. Sharetec's Hardware Team is great!"

Connie at Moline Municipal Credit Union

"We have been with Sharetec since 2001, and have been very happy with our relationship. They have always provided products and services to keep us on the forefront of technology, and help us compete with the larger institutions. They have grown with us, and helped make us one of the best credit unions in the county for returning value to our members. Their customer service is outstanding, and we envision partnering with Sharetec for many years to come."

Daryl at Gas & Electric Credit Union

"We are a very progressive credit union, so I have to have a data processor with vision. When we want to add new products or services, Bradford-Scott usually has an existing solution, and if they don’t they aggressively pursue one. I also appreciate how carefully they listen to my staff and how they incorporate our ideas into their development. I am probably most pleased with their phone support. When my staff needs help, they generally need it promptly. I know Bradford-Scott’s average response time is less than 9 minutes because they track it carefully. We are able to offer better service to our membership thanks to their excellent service."

Leslie at Montana Educators' Credit Union