Technology is changing quickly and although almost all of our customers have little need to ever interact directly with Sharetec’s database, it does impact all of them on a daily basis through increasing ease of use.  Sharetec is built in an open environment by leveraging a 4th generation, relational database called Progress.  When combined with the power of a Linux environment, our customers are able to keep their technology costs lower while having a much high access to information.

In addition to the cost and access to information benefits this provides, our Progress and Linux environment give Bradford-Scott the ability to develop new solutions and interfaces in a rapid manner.  That means as your credit unions sees new solutions that will help it compete and grow its membership; we most likely have already developed it or have an interface to a partner solution.

Bradford-Scott’s view on technology is simple, we want to use it to enable your credit union to reach its goals, not stand in the way.


In a similar approach to our database model, Bradford-Scott also keeps architecture simple yet secure. The benefit of a Linux platform allows the hardware be open – in other words no proprietary expensive infrastructure for you to depreciate. This allows funds to be invested into a faster processor and more storage so technology does not slow you down or place limits on your growth.

It does not change at the user’s level either; our architecture allows your credit union use Personal Computers and Thin Clients because the load is not placed on the client.


It is your credit unions information; you should be able to access it. Unfortunately most systems just do not make this possible. From proprietary languages to complex data tables, seeing information on your members that you capture every day is almost impossible. That is until Sharetec. Leveraging the open nature of Progress and Linux and combining that with Open Database Connectivity (ODBC), your credit union can look at the information any way needed.

ODBC allows a direct link to any field in the database to then be viewed and reviewed in tools like Excel, Access, Word and any other ODBC compliant software. Sharetec comes loaded with reports and ways to analyze what is happening at the credit union but each financial institution is different and having a way to look at the data the way your team needs to see it is critical. Sharetec with ODBC gives your team that flexibility.