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Your data processing system is the backbone of your organization and we know that you depend on your system to give you the information you need to make critical decisions and to serve your membership.  If your system becomes unavailable for even a short time, it can create chaos.  Bradford-Scott uses the most reliable computer equipment available with Mean Time Between Failure rates (MTBF) that stretch into the millions of hours.

Unfortunately, even this type of reliability doesn't provide a 100% performance guarantee.  Eventually, equipment fails and service is required to ensure that your system is available during critical times.  This is where our service professionals take over.  Our technicians make sure your system maintains high availability at all times and when things do go wrong, we get you back online fast.

"Excellent prompt service every time, I am very pleased with Sharetec's responsiveness and timeliness in handling any issue." Natco Credit Union

Average Hardware Service Response Time was less than 15 minutes for 2021.

2021 HardwareGraph