Which is right for you, an in-house system or service bureau system?  If you’re not sure, rest assured that you are in good company.  It is not uncommon for credit unions to consider both in-house and service bureau systems when they search for a new system.

To further complicate things, not all systems are available in both in-house and service bureau platforms, making the decision that much more difficult.  This is where Sharetec has a clear advantage.  Since the system we install in-house and the system we host from our service bureau are exactly the same systems, you are free to judge Sharetec solely on its software, rather than on its delivery platform.  Bradford-Scott works closely with your credit union to identify your specific needs before we recommend a delivery platform.  Furthermore, if you ever change your mind, the transition from one to the other is invisible to your staff and your members.


There was a time when it was thought that if a credit union had an in-house system it must also have dedicated staff to maintain it. For some systems, this was true back then and still is today - but not Sharetec. The Sharetec System was designed from the ground up to automate tasks traditionally only available on service bureau systems. Sharetec automates so many redundant daily tasks that our customers are often able to shift staff focus to other more pressing and beneficial responsibilities.  If you like the benefits, control and flexibility that come with owning your own system, you should consider the Sharetec in-house platform.

"I’ve worked with a number of systems over the past 23 years and I am very pleased with the overall functionality of the Sharetec System.  It has a very user-friendly and efficient design."

Tony Tiede, CEO
Winnebago Community Credit Union

Service Bureau

There is certainly an argument that can be made for employing a service bureau to host your core system.  Staffing, security, backups, capitol, and servers might come to mind.  If these are your concerns, Sharetec is designed to give you peace of mind while also lowering your initial investment. Our dedicated team of professionals will do the heavy lifting - allowing you to focus on your membership.

"During a planning session, we decided to migrate our Sharetec services from an in house server to the Service Bureau service. With any conversions that are done there is a certain sense of uncertainty of the unknown along with potential disruptions to serving our members. The team at Sharetec had us well prepared and I am happy to say that we seamlessly converted with no issues to the Service Bureau. Hats off to their team on making this conversion a positive experience for our credit union."

Nick Woodard, President
United Savings Credit Union

Facilities Management

Still uncertain?  Maybe Facilities Management is what you need. Facilities Management is a unique blend between our in-house and service bureau platforms.  You get the benefits, control and flexibility that come with owning your own system, while dishing off the responsibilities to us that you're not comfortable handling yourself.  We simply connect to your system like any other user and lighten your load.  This allows you to take advantage of those inherent in-house benefits while outsourcing processes typically performed by service bureau personnel.

"We really prefer owning our data processing system so that we can fix our DP expense rather than pay monthly member fees to a service bureau forever.  However, when we began our search for a new core data processing system, we looked at service bureau systems because we were tired of staying late every month-end.  When Bradford-Scott presented their Facilities Management solution, which couples their in-house system and staffing to perform month-end and other tasks that we didn’t want to mess with, it was like having the best of both worlds."

Cari Palmer, CEO
Energy Plus Credit Union