There was a time when good service and a smile went a long way.  Unfortunately, it’s no longer enough to just service your members when they’re in front of you.  Now, you must anticipate their needs before they get to your office.  Successful credit unions know this and they also know that a core system that provides only basic functionality won’t cut it.  We know it too, which is why we recommend Sharetec – a robust core data processing solution that allows your staff to be prepared to serve your members before they arrive at your credit union.

Sharetec provides a far-reaching core solution that includes integrated functionality that other systems accomplish only through static interfaces to third party products.  Sharetec’s approach has been to deliver simple to use products that flow seamlessly for the user, thus eliminating frustration commonly experienced with systems that are not as tightly integrated.

Your members have come to expect excellent service – why not surpass those expectations?  Sharetec’s integrated design will enhance the performance of your staff, leading to better service, lower costs and greater growth.