In the last 10 years a lot has changed and keeping up with that change is sometimes a competitive necessity and other times it is a regulatory requirement. Obviously OFAC falls in the latter and having one more manual task for you or your staff to have to manage is the last thing needed. Sharetec, through its advanced features, provides a way for you to integrate the latest list from the Federal government. Once on the system, Sharetec will automatically perform regular scans and notify you if there are any members that require additional review.

As well, Sharetec has direct integration into the Chex Systems toolset which allows you to be confident in both members and non-members without having to jump to multiple software packages.


Much the same as OFAC, it is important that your credit union remain compliant but not be mired in manual tasks to make that happen. As part of the advanced features within Sharetec, the system will integrate this list and then perform automatic scans so that you can have the peace of mind that you are compliant and that your membership is strong.

In additional to FinCEN scanning, Bradford-Scott provides a powerful but user friendly solution to help you monitor deposits that might raise concern under the Bank Secrecy Act (BSA). Looking not only at single deposits but also across branches and multiple accounts that one member might have, staying ahead of the bad guys just got a lot easier.


There was a time when a handshake was as good as a contract and your members were like family. Obviously growth is a good thing but with that growth it is harder and harder to know who everyone is when they come through the doors of the credit union. As a standard feature in Sharetec, each member and every joint associated with that member can have their ID scanned into the system so whether it is a new teller or a new member, your staff can have the peace of mind in knowing they are talking to the right person.

Intrusion Testing

Many companies will come in an analyze your network over a 24 hour period and provide reports letting you know about potential threats and concerns, but as fast as technology is changing, moments after the test is completed, your network could be compromised by something new. By partnering with Security Metrics, a leader in the network security space, Bradford-Scott provides your team the confidence that the system is secure at all times, not just at a single point. A Network Appliance located inside your network will monitor all incoming and outgoing activity so your credit union will know of a problem long before that problem has caused pain for your staff or your membership.

Regular reports combined with timely alerts to changes that occur to your network help keep your team stay on top of any situation. No longer can you just consider threats that come from outside your network, an innocent link in an email may open a door that no one knew was there just yesterday. Intrusion Testing from Bradford-Scott makes sure your network is safe all the time - from the inside out.

Check Kiting

In today’s time, many people deal with more than one financial institution. Where most of your members do so for very good reasons, a few might be trying to take advantage by using the institutions to kite checks. Sharetec gives your team the solution to see if a member is developing a habit of floating funds they do not have between their institutions. By setting up credit union defined parameters, you can quickly identify which members are doing this no matter if it is at different branches and/or for different amounts.