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LINO LAKES, MN – Sharetec System, one of the fastest growing core systems that offers the technology of simplicity, announces Farm Credit Employee FCU (FCEFCU) of St. Paul, MN, has chosen Sharetec as their new core system.

Brian Lueth, President of FCEFCU, comments, "After comparing many other systems with Sharetec during an extensive review, we choose Sharetec mostly because of their functionality and cost. We have a number of members in locations away from our office and needed a core system that allowed us to provide the same level of service to members that walk in the office, and Sharetec gives us the tools to make that happen."

"Farm Credit EFCU has done an incredible job taking care of its members with the tools they have available but needed a new solution to more effectively service their requests," comments Keane Kulak, Regional Director for Sharetec System. "With the conversion to Sharetec they will be adding tools like Remote Signature for loan processing so they will no longer need to overnight documents to process a loan, offering quicker service and saving money in the process."

In addition to Remote Signature, FCEFCU also plans to offer Live Debit Cards, and Sharetec Home and Mobile Banking to serve their members better. This will be done in conjunction with switching to a Hosted deployment to lighten their technology burden and increase the staff’s efficiency.

Farm Credit Employee FCU Founded in 1934, FCEFCU is headquartered in St. Paul, MN, serving employees within the AgriBank district.

Sharetec System Sharetec, a provider of both in-house and service bureau core solutions, has delivered an ROI, building income streams & lowering operating expenses, to nearly 300 credit unions nationwide with 67% growth since 2000.

Keane Kulak
Regional Director
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