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LINO LAKES, MN – Sharetec System, one of the fastest growing core systems that offers the technology of simplicity, announces Flagship Community Federal Credit Union in Port Huron, MI, has selected Sharetec as their new core.

"After reviewing all our options, we felt like Sharetec was the best choice for many reasons. They did the best job solving our problems, and in fact, I believe they offered 55 different suggestions on areas we can improve on. We will be adding many new features and services we didn’t have on our previous system at a similar cost, which in turn, will increase our income," comments Steve Scandalito, CEO of Flagship Community FCU.

Matt Isger, Regional Director for Sharetec System, comments, "Steve and the team at Flagship Community FCU are laser focused on value vs. expenses when it comes to services they use to serve their members. We are excited to help another Michigan credit union find a robust system that allows them to grow at a reasonable cost."

Flagship Community Federal Credit Union
Established in 1959, Flagship Community FCU is a low-cost community credit union serving the greater St. Clair county area. With over $15 million in assets, Flagship Community FCU serves over 3,600 members.

Sharetec System
Sharetec, a provider of both in-house and service bureau core solutions, has delivered an ROI, building income streams & lowering operating expenses, to nearly 300 credit unions nationwide with 67% growth since 2000.

Matt Isger
Regional Director
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