For Immediate Release 03/20/14

LINO LAKES, MN- Sharetec System, one of the fastest growing core systems offering a true return on your investment, is pleased to announce the steady growth of Bradford-Scott Data Corporation’s team to align with our goal of even better support, service and installations. Last year, Bradford-Scott earned a customer satisfaction score of 9.24 out of a possible 10, so the bar is set high.

With steady growth of new customers over the past few years, Bradford-Scott Data Corporation, an owner/distributor of the Sharetec System, has hired 12 more people in the last year to accommodate their ever growing needs, ensuring the support and service needed for their customers.

"This week, I just left another new customer who was hosting a site visit in their 3rd week on the system. The installation was so smooth, the CU felt confident enough to host another CU to see the system in action. This only happens when both the CU and the team at BSDC have been successful in the installation process. Our goal with the additional staffing is to focus on providing unbelievable service and keep the momentum," says Matt Isger, Regional Director for Bradford-Scott Data Corporation.

About Sharetec System

Sharetec, a provider of both in-house and service bureau core solutions, has nearly 300 core credit unions and has grown 67% since the year 2000.

Matt Isger
Regional Director
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