savvy money


LINO LAKES, MN – Sharetec System, one of the fastest growing core systems offering the technology of
simplicity, announces a strategic partnership with SavvyMoney to enhance Sharetec’s home and mobile banking solutions. Sharetec has experienced exponential growth over the last few years, and the partnership with SavvyMoney elevates their capabilities and delivers additional cutting-edge technology to their credit union clients.

End users will have access to a credit score and report tool, which explains key factors that influence their credit, monitors their report for changes and allows the ability to update their credit report daily. The credit score “offer engine” highlights key savings opportunities with pre-qualified loan offers based on the user’s credit score.

“Two of our organization’s main goals are to keep things smart and simple,” said Dan Miller, VP, Sharetec System. “We’re interested in enhancing productivity for our credit union clients. The SavvyMoney solution provides users access to money-saving pre-qualified loan offers based on their credit score, simultaneously creating real-time targeted marketing lists for credit unions.”

“Our solution for financial wellness and loan growth aligns perfectly with Sharetec’s vision for simplicity,” said JB Orecchia, SavvyMoney’s CEO. “Consumers can easily manage and understand their credit score and work to improve and maintain a good credit rating, which enables them to qualify for the best rates on loans.”

Sharetec and SavvyMoney will partner to offer a simple financial wellness solution that empowers credit union members to take control of their financial future with easy-to-understand, actionable advice about their credit. The integration will allow credit unions to be up and running with the solution in less than 60 days.