January 15, 2019 - FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

LINO LAKES, MN - Sharetec System, one of the fastest growing core systems offering the technology of simplicity, announces Maine Family FCU, located in Lewiston, Maine, has improved member services and operational efficiency through Sharetec’s Teller Capture software.

After the installation of Teller Capture, Maine Family has seen a significant increase in speed and accuracy when servicing members. This solution streamlines processing and sends over-the-counter items directly to the items processor. Christine Clabby, COO of Maine Family FCU, comments, “Sharetec Teller Capture is really doing the work for us. The tellers are taking care of the checks, providing us with more accuracy and better operational efficiencies through the credit union. It’s really working great.”

With Teller Capture, Sharetec offered Maine Family a solution to their cumbersome check21 scanning process. The credit union was having to take an employee off the teller line for at least 1 - 2 hours per day to scan over-the-counter items. These were then collected into a batch file and manually sent to the items processor.

The Sharetec team installed 15 new check scanners across the credit union's two locations. Tellers could then scan the items at the counter while Sharetec automated the delivery of the items file to the processor. By implementing Teller Capture, the credit union has been able to save both time and operational costs by completely automating the process.

"Sharetec will always be on the cutting edge of credit union technology," stated Paul Stevens, CTO of Sharetec's Northeast partner. "Providing solutions to help our credit unions better serve their members is a top priority for us, and we will continue to broaden our suite of technology solutions to help them stay ahead of the curve."

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