LINO LAKES, MN – Sharetec System, one of the fastest growing core systems that offers the technology of simplicity, announces that Latrobe Area Hospital Federal Credit Union of Latrobe, Pennsylvania, has made the decision to implement Sharetec as their new core processing solution.

Latrobe was seeking to improve its member facing technology, save time, lower costs and improve partnerships. To meet their diverse needs, Dan Miller, Vice President, Sharetec, communicated the outstanding benefits that the Sharetec solution would provide, and how it would prove to be advantageous for both their financial institution and their expanding membership.

"During the discovery process, Latrobe's decision makers became thoroughly convinced that Sharetec offered the best and most complete solution to meet their needs," remarked Dan. "They viewed our solution as superior to what our competitors were offering, given our better member facing technology, as well as additional features that would save them significant time and money."

Upon recognizing the many advanced features and benefits, Latrobe selected Sharetec. They have already made a successful conversion to our core processor and are immediately seeing vast improvements in efficiency for both employees and their membership.

According to Latrobe's CEO, Greg Sisitki, their previous core processing system was very expensive and prevented them from expanding to all the new and innovative technology services. Sharetec enabled them to provide electronic services and 24/7 access through their mobile app and bill pay services, for less than than their original system without those services.

"Every 'module' is in one place or one system; our old system was in pieces with different passwords and logins, which made things very difficult when it came to the efficiency of the staff," stated Greg.

"Sharetec's conversion process and installation team helped us though the process of conversion every step of the way," he added.