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LINO LAKES, MN – Sharetec System, core technology made simple, shares the success of two credit unions after making the switch to Sharetec.

Making the decision to switch core system providers can be a challenge for many credit unions. The impact on the credit union can be significant and seeing the return on investment takes time and effort. However, many Sharetec Credit Unions have had great success in their conversion to Sharetec, and as a result, they have improved their growth and membership offerings. Due to efficiencies that a Sharetec solution provides, many credit unions see a decrease in their staff count as well.

Since making the switch to Sharetec, Ball State FCU in Muncie, IN, has decreased their staff count from 47 employees to 35 employees, while growing their assets an additional $30 million. Randy Glassburn, President, comments, “With a more efficient core and remote services becoming more popular each day, we have seen a significant reduction in foot traffic within the credit union office. Much of that can be attributed to the conversion to Sharetec, leaving behind our old, antiquated core system.”

Before making the switch to Sharetec, Andover FCU in MA had 9 employees and since converting they have reduced that number to 5 employees and doubled their assets. “Sharetec gave us the opportunity to be more efficient. This has had a huge impact on how we manage our daily operations, allowing us to put that savings elsewhere,” comments Lisa Morelli, Manager of Andover FCU.

“In any economy, the ability for credit unions to dramatically lower their labor costs, allowing their income & operating ratios to look so much better, is welcoming news for our customers,” comments Matt Isger, Regional Director for Sharetec System.

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