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LINO LAKES, MN – Sharetec System, core technology made simple, announces the 2017 Sharetec Users Conference will be taking place in New Orleans at the JW Marriott on September 18th-20th, 2017.

Sharetec Users Conference is an opportunity for credit unions to come together to discuss enhancements, new features, upgrades, and so much more. Ann Wildman, President of ADM Credit Union, comments, "I look forward to learning about the new enhancements and/or products rolling out in Sharetec. There are still things, tips and tricks, I do not know about the software that I learn from networking with other Sharetec users. The conference is very well run and reenergizes me to keep improving the credit union experience for our members."

Sharetec client, Adrian Alejandre, EVP/COO of
Hereford Texas FCU, also comments, "During last year’s Sharetec Conference, our team developed a list of takeaways we hoped to accomplish in the upcoming year. We’ve implemented about 10 either new or updated processes to utilize Sharetec more efficently. We also partnered with one of the vendors we met during the conference to replace an exising process. That parntership will save Hereford Texas FCU over $10,000 each year for years to come. The conference is a great investment, an extraordinary networking opportunity, and I highly recommend sending someone from your team."

One of Sharetec’s most requested opportunities at conference is the chance to meet various business partners. Tim Luger, Managing Director of Sales for SHAZAM Network, comments, "We have attended Sharetec’s conference for many years and it’s always great to talk with our mutual clients and hear about their satisfaction of not only Sharetec, but our services too. Being able to speak with them and our prospective clients in-person and answer any questions they may have has always been something we look forward to." Sid Haas, Vice President of Business Development at LKCS, adds, "The Sharetec Users Conference is a tremendous opportunity to thank our customers for their business, meet great people from other Sharetec credit unions, and discuss all of the exciting new things happening at LKCS and within the credit union industry. This is one of our favorite events to attend each year! It’s well organized and has proven to be beneficial for our organization. Looking forward to seeing everyone in ‘The Big Easy’!"

"It is important for Sharetec customers to participate in the workshops offered and take part in the training sessions in order to take advantage of all the great things Sharetec System has to offer," comments Carrie Heck, Account Relationship Manager for Sharetec. "Many of our customers simply enjoy taking the time to network with other Sharetec Users. This event is always a success and we look forward to seeing all of our valued customers and business partners at this year’s conference." 

About Sharetec Sharetec, a provider of both in-house and service bureau core solutions, has delivered an ROI, building income streams and lowering operating expenses to nearly 300 credit unions with 67% growth since 2000.