Bradford Scott

Network Services

Network Services from Bradford-Scott and Vitera Healthcare offers easy solutions to improve billing and collections. Utilizing our relationship with Emdeon, the largest clearinghouse in the industry, Bradford-Scott offers network services that are unmatched.

Electronic Claims

Electronic Remittance

Electronic Eligibility

Electronic Prescribing

Statements, Collection Letters and Recall Letters

Network Services from Bradford-Scott and Vitera Solutions Can Offer You:

Streamlined Patient Experience

  • Eligibility
  • Referral Certifications
  • Patient Statements
  • Patient Communications
  • Credit Cards
  • Statement Address Correction Service

Fast, Clean Claims

  • Eligibility
  • Claim Scrubbing
  • Secondary Claims

Optimized Payment Processing

  • Insurance Remit Posting
  • Patient Remit Posting
  • Credit Cards

Easy Reporting & Denial Management

  • Claim Tracker
  • ERA Manager
  • Integrated Reporting

Client-Centered Support

  • Live Call Handling
  • Web Based Enrollment
  • Real-time Payer List

According to a recent study conducted by Milliman Technology and Operations Solutions, "A physician who currently relies on paper and telephone calls for insurance administration may be able to save more than $42,000 a year through simple steps to increase electronic transactions for operations like claims submission, referral and preauthorization requests, and eligibility verification. These are savings that go right to the bottom line." (1)

It's time to ask yourself if you are fully utilizing the solutions available to you for electronic transaction processing. Vitera Healthcare offers a comprehensive suite of solutions that streamline every aspect of billing and remittance from automated eligibility checking to electronically receiving both insurance and patient payments.

Once you implement these solutions, you'll begin to see a range of benefits from reduced operating costs to faster claim turnaround. According to the Milliman research, the per-transaction savings could range from 50% to 90% as seen in the chart below.

But, there is more to improving the management of a medical practice than just cutting costs. The Milliman research also shows many other benefits that are harder to quantify, including:

  • Reduced claim rejections and resubmission
  • Improved cash flow and reduced accounts receivable days
  • Lower collection and billing costs for patients without coverage, and reducing bad debt
  • Less time spent by office staff on the telephone
  • Fewer accounts receivable errors
  • Improved customer satisfaction

(1) Electronic Transaction Savings Opportunities For Physician Practices Prepared by Milliman Technology and Operations Solutions , Revised: January 2006
(2) An Updated Survey of Health Care Claims Receipt and Processing Times, May 2006 From America's Health Insurance Plans (AHIP) Center for Policy and Research