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What is the relationship between Bradford-Scott and Sharetec?

Sharetec was formed in 1993 when four companies created a partnership committed to developing a very simple, yet robust data processing solution that offers a unique service solution. The four partners, Bradford-Scott Data Corporation, Northern Data Systems, GBS Corp., and Data Systems of Texas, each own 25% of Sharetec Systems, dividing the country into regions where each partner provides sales, service and support for the Sharetec product.

Is Sharetec offered as an in-house system or hosted in a service center?

Sharetec offers both in-house and service bureau. Since the software is exactly the same, you are free to judge Sharetec solely on its software, rather than on its delivery platform. Bradford-Scott works closely with your credit union to identify your specific needs before we recommend a delivery platform. Furthermore, if you ever change your mind, the transition from one to the other is nearly invisible to your staff and your members.

Can Bradford-Scott handle the hardware and the software support?

We are committed to providing exceptional support, for both hardware and software. When you call our office, you will be transferred to an actual person rather than a computerized attendant. We can confidently say that we know how long it takes us to respond to our customers because we log every call that comes into our office or case submitted through our online Support Center and the length that it takes us to resolve each one. Our technicians make sure your system maintains high availability at all times and when things do go wrong, we get you back online fast.

What advantages does Sharetec business model provide?

Sharetec is owned by 4 independent businesses each servicing specific regions in the U.S. and internationally. Sharetec’s unique model has 4 different companies sharing the technology, interfaces, expenses and expertise. This has really advanced our efforts when developing new functionality & interfaces.

What debit card vendors do you work with?

With over 250 credit unions, Sharetec has interfaces with all the top debit card processors.

How much will it cost?

This is an important question for any credit union considering a core change. Sharetec wants to make sure there is a good fit between the credit union’s needs and budget, and that it aligns well with the proposal. Additionally, Sharetec is unique in that the system provides a Return on Investment (ROI) that your representative will help you uncover specific to your credit union. Both of these steps are detailed and customized for each credit union so it is not possible to give a general number, but Sharetec and the credit union working together will make sure a clear outline of all the expense and opportunity is provided to the credit union through the selection process.

How is training handled?

Training is one of the keys to a successful conversion and is an area that Sharetec invests heavily in to lay the ground work for our customers to get the most out of Sharetec. As well, having a good training program and related resources, we believe it is important that our team works directly with each of the credit union’s staff so each person can be effective in what they do each day.

As far as logistics, the training will be done online to give the staff the highest level of success on the day of conversion and for many years ahead. Once on the system, additional training is always available for no additional cost when done online or if you send your staff member to our office. If you want a Sharetec team member to visit your office, then a very reasonable rate structure is used to make sure all your training objectives are met.

What separates Sharetec from other data processors?

Sharetec has one of the best return on investments (ROI) in the business. Usually switching the core is much to do with how much expense it’s going to add to the credit union. But Sharetec’s unique ROI finds ways to minimize new dollars and uncover existing dollars the credit union already is paying out.

Do we lose all the history on our current system?

The information on your current system is key to how you have served your members. We understand that and having it on Sharetec after the conversion can be a big help. Sharetec has helped a number of credit unions bring in history but it is only possible if the core system the credit union is replacing is able to provide the data in the necessary format and related conversion tools needed to read the data. This is not a standard part of the conversion but we can review your data to see if it is possible.

Will we be able to use our current hardware?

Many credit unions find when they update their core to Sharetec they often want to update hardware that has reached its full potential and a quote can be provided as needed. We know having a cost effective solution is important to everyone and will do our best to use existing hardware. There are a few key items to Sharetec that must be provided with the system but many items such as personal computers, printers and other equipment that the credit union already has on hand can be used with Sharetec.

How soon can we convert?

Sharetec has welcomed over 50 new credit union clients in the past three years. As a result of the steady growth, credit unions should expect a 6-15 month window after signing up to implement the system. The more time you give yourselves, the better options you will have for available dates and contract terminations with your existing vendors.