Remote Backup

Having the peace of mind that your data is safe is hard to come by these days. Between flooding, fires and cyber crime it seems that there is no safe corner for your information any more. That is why Bradford-Scott provides Remote Backup. This allows you to know that your data is protected should the worst happen because each night or even multiple times throughout the day, your data is sent securely to our facility and stored on your behalf. That means if something bad were to happen, we can quickly restore your system so you can be operational again and can keep serving your membership.

Disaster Recovery Chart

Combining the backup with encryption technology means that you do not have to worry about your information being accessed along the way. Encryption uses the well documented AES encryption algorithm with 256 bit keys, which are further protected by RSA 2048 bit encryption. In other words your data is safe whether it is inside your four walls, being transmitted to our off-site storage or being stored for protection at our facility. That is peace of mind!

Recovery Plan

The Disaster Recovery Program is intended to minimize the disruption of service to your credit union, minimize financial loss and ensure a timely resumption of basic operations in the event of a disaster, whether the cause is natural, vandalism, fire, theft or any event that causes your system to fail.

Through Bradford-Scott’s Disaster Recovery Program, your credit union is provided with the necessary "standby" assurance that all standard software and data residing on the main server will be recovered in the event of a disaster.  Combining this service with Remote Backup provides the ultimate protection for your credit union.